IRTA is a public research institution attached to the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action of the regional Government of Catalonia, Spain. IRTA's mission is to contribute to modernising, improving, boosting competitiveness, and fostering sustainable development in the primary and industrial food sectors like pig, veal, sheep, rabbit and poultry production and safety, aquaculture, horticulture and crops, olive oil, dry fruits, agroforestry, meat industry, fish industry, dairy industry, vegetable industry, agronomy and food processing machinery, food additives, food packaging, etc. All these sectors are covered by our 5 areas in which our scientific structure is divided: • Animal production (including aquaculture) • Plant production • Food technology • Rural economics • Environment and global change. IRTA has consolidated experience in the participation and coordination of collaborative research projects. IRTA seeks funds internationally and on a increasingly frequent basis. At the moment it is participating in 24 EU Projects, within the most relevant R+D Programs financed by the European Commission (FP7-FP6-FP5, DG SANCO, DG AGRI, INTERREG, ENPI, LIFE+,...) establishing partnership with more than 175 Scientific institutions all over the world. Moreover, public-private partnerships are also established to conduct applied research and offer tailor-made solutions to meet custumers' needs. Although IRTA is a public company, it is governed by private law, so we can establish commercial contracts of any nature, including the constitution of technological base companies, start-ups and joint research companies where risk is shared between partners. IRTA can host private companies developing part of their R+D and training their own scientists to our own facilities under strict terms of confidentiality when needed. These forms of cooperation are very flexible and are usually established with long term historic customers in form of R+D Research Units. IRTA currently has 8 Joint Research Units with leader stakeholders including breeding companies and industrial partners.


University of Pisa - Department of Human and Environmental Science (UNIPI)

Founded in 1343, the UNIPI is known for specific branches especially scientists, physicians and engineers with an international reputation. The UNIPI Contribute on collaboration with the creation of a network on thematic applied biological sciences and technology applied to the water treatment. The research conducted in each of specialities fields are present in Europe (Project MAPS FP) with their results the technology, the courses of formation and the results of each research is used in courses of formation and in international cooperation (Project tempus, Alfa, Socrates …) and other bilateral cooperation (Brazil, China, Argentina, Mozambique). UNIPI will be integrating in the FAWIRA Project, with the general objective of transfer knowledge on Water Innovation Network System, in cooperation with the others partners who may be involved in various disciplinary areas of reputation in Science and Technology as chemical engineers and biological science applied to the algal cultivation to produce food products and other biologics materials. Furthermore the scientific role of UNIPI is the collaboration to knowledge and divulgation of innovative methods of water treatment for food production by innovative system of cultivation. The intervention of UNIPI in the project is also part of the general biologic study of the treatment of waste water, with particular reference to reuse the water and with the possibility to product commodity from effluent between the biological cultivation that algal production or molluscs rearing in an integrate food chain, organize in sequence of feed utilization or degradation of the organic matter present in the effluents.


Rete Europea dell'Innovazione (REDINN)

REDINN is a European consulting company specializing in Innovation Consulting, Management Innovation and Innovation Strategy and hands-on management of commercialization for a portfolio of researchers located in Italy and Europe. The main aim is to accelerate growth through innovation. REDINN has extensive collaboration with EU projects in R&D field and in implementation of EU-scale projects and networks, such as IRE, Gate2, Growth Incubator Forum, PAXIS networks. With offices in Brussels and Rome and a network of partner companies over the EU-countries, REDINN operates on many levels (Technology Audit, IPR, Technology Transfer, Start Up and SME acceleration). More in detail, REDINN will be responsible to develop the quality assurance and risk management plan and will support with its staff the project management unit during the whole lifespan of the project. REDINN will lead the Human Capacities Building and Research Instrument’s Strengthening and the Quality Assurance Management. Finally REDINN will be in charge the Development of Communication and Dissemination Strategy.