WP4 Capacities Building

Human Capacities Building and Research Instrument’s Strengthening

This is a complex Work package and provides results in term of human capacity building and in term of research instrument’s strengthening.
From human capacity building point of view WP4 will plan, organize and execute workshops and knowledge sharing events in INRAA in order to: 

  • Intensively train the Staff of the INRAA on issues concerning FP7 to become familiar with the procedures and opportunities for cooperation in Water and agrifood Research and related EU programmes, People (ITN, IRSES, IIF), Cooperation (KBBE, Environment), ENPI;
  • Support the INRAA staff in forming future project consortia to address relevant research challenges of importance in the next calls for proposals for water and agrifood, taking into account SMEs priorities collected in WP3.
The second part of WP4 is dedicated to strengthen research instruments. For this reason, WP4 foreseen the transfer knowledge to INRAA for installing an innovative agrifood and water laboratory.