WP3 Enhance Innovation

Enhance Innovation

To establish a regular dialogue on research an innovation with cooperatives, SME’s and technology-driven enterprises of the water and food sector in order to enhance the cooperation of INRAA with industry.

To identify common goals, threats and challenges in the Algerian water and food sector to increase the capacity to innovate and become more competitive in the global economy.

Give support to INRAA to set-up an innovation cluster in agrifood and water of private enterprises in Algeria (and in neighbouring MPC) that should be encouraged to participate as a member of the most relevant European food and water technological Platform (ETPs).Along the lines of creating a strategy to build up a Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space (EMIS) as described in the WP8 of  MIRA coordination action (INCO-NET 7PM) this WP is aimed at contributing to the integration of an innovation strategy that foresees the involvement of intermediate organisations and public bodies, research centres, private enterprises and SMEs.