WP1 Project Management

Project Management and Quality Assurance

The management work package will entail administration of communication within WPs, the organization of meetings, the preparation of technical and non-technical reports, the completion of all financial administrative and legal obligations and the establishment of an effective communication process to end users.

This general objective will be reached by achieving the following specific objectives:

  • Favouring and managing a clear strategic vision throughout the project
  • Ensure the achievement of the project objectives within the time and budget ;
  • Ensure communication and coordination among the partners
  • Liaise and represent the project towards the EC and with other ongoing projects and initiatives;
  • Preparation and monitoring of partners’ contributions to activity and financial reports, interim and periodic, assess costs statement and consolidate reports;
  • Ensuring an effective and efficient organisation of the project
  • Organizing the communication between partners, with the EC and third parties.