Institute National Institute of Agronomic Research of Algeria (INRAA)

INRAA was founded in 1966, is a public institution of scientific research. Its program of activities falls primarily within the framework of national research programs dedicated to three themes: Agriculture-Food, Water Resources, Biotechnology applied to agriculture and Soil Management.

The activities of INRAA relate mainly to the following areas:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the physical environment;
  • Improvement and development of crops, Improvement and development of animal production; Preservation, processing of agricultural products and improving their quality;
  • Biotechnology applied to agriculture;
  • Economics and sociology of agriculture and rural development;
  • Ecology and environment in relation to agricultural research.


INRAA will assure the overall management of the project, assisted by the PMU and will be in charge of the scientific issues related to the project . INRAA has been involved in research and development activities with international and regional research Centres. During the period 2000-2006, INRA has led or contributed to the formulation of nearly 20 research-development projects in partnership with international organizations like FAO, IPGRI, ICARDA and EU. INRA has developed over the last 25 years, research programs with CGIAR institutions, ICARDA particularly, in the areas of agriculture, water management and human capacity building. INRA developed through a collaborative approach, programs of research and development with IFAD, AFESD, and IDRC.