FAWIRA project covers these next specific objectives: 

1) Analysis of Needs and Opportunities

This activity aims to analyse needs and opportunities in Algeria for researchers and private organizations (including SMEs) in the field of Food, Agriculture and Water. To organically list innovation priorities and policies focusing on Food, Agriculture and Water.

2) Build Capacity and Training activities

This activity is aimed at improving research and cooperation capacity of FAWIRA by: Providing training (both traditional “face-to-face” as well as “on-line” technical and FP7 training courses) in order to develop/enhance skills and competencies to properly build and manage an international project proposal; Setting up a Food, Agriculture and Water related research laboratory; Study trips to laboratories in EU (Spain).

3) Create Network 

FAWIRA aims to set-up relationships with other relevant Algerian and European stakeholders (FP7 or others) acting in Algeria in fields of potential interest, and to reinforce contacts between INRAA and other relevant European research organizations. This will be done by creating scientific networks and partnerships through establishing contacts, exchanging information and/or performing common activities, exploring ways of possible coordination (e.g. joint networking/twinning events, dissemination, and demonstration), exchange ideas to set up joint research projects.

4) Disseminate Results and Knowledge -

FAWIRA aims to promote competitiveness of INRAA by creating a set of instruments to disseminate results and focus knowledge, especially, to SMEs through a threefold way:

  • Open Days for Algerian Researchers, Development of Algerian Agrifood and Water Innovation Forum to increase participation of Algerian researchers and entrepreneurs on a national and international Food, Agriculture and Water debate;
  • Promoting competitiveness in Algeria by transferring new knowledge or new processes and services, aimed to conform food products to European norms and standards, to the research community and to SMEs; 
  • Disseminating the results of the project promoting the cooperation, dialogue and share knowledge between Algerian institutions and stakeholders and EU.

5) Ensure Sustainability

To guarantee the long-term financial sustainability of the project by developing a Strategic Development Plan aiming to strengthen the role and the capability of the Algerian Research Centre to face the needs of regional markets as well as the challenges of national/international research activities.

The added value of FAWIRA project is a project management best practice and a partnership that can reinforce cooperation and exchange between stakeholders, SMEs, and academic institutes at a transnational level.