Centralised remote management of sanitation facilities

Water office in Algeria establishing a centralised remote management of sanitation facilities by the support of EU project.

System monitoring from the screen of a central remote control station, remote access to data via the Internet, messages going directly to the mobile phones of maintenance staff, automatic data consolidation in technical management reports: these are the foundations of an ambitious project for the telemanagement of sanitation facilities that have been laid down in Algeria, with support from the EU-funded programme EAU II to the National Sanitation Office (ONA).

The first stage of the mission, aimed at identifying installations to be remotely managed, their specific needs, as well as the definition of a general design for a national programme.

Between May and September 2014, a second mission carried out a pilot study in the area of ​​El Oued. A call for tender to install remote management in El Oued and Ouargla was developed on the basis on this study.

In parallel, 20 technicians have been trained in the operation of remote management systems, with workshops on project documents and field visits to already equipped sites.

Source : EU Neighbourhood Info Centre - Algeria