The winners of the 2015 Global Water Awards

Global Water Intelligence (GWI) announced the winners of the 2015 Global Water Awards, which were presented on 27th of April during the Global Water Summit at the Nasioutzik Museum in Greece. The winners were announced in a ceremony presented by José Manuel Barroso. Barraso, former president of the European Commission and prime minister of Portugal from 2002 to 2004, delivered a speech on the global importance of water to our world and commented on how “we need leadership in the private and public sector to make water sustainable.”

Abengoa was recognised as Water Company of the Year, due to its contribution to the water sector in 2014 through its projects, research, and customized solutions for each client, as well as the diversification of its non-desalination assets.

The unique and innovative characteristics of the Vista Ridge water transmission project also caught the attention of the committee.


Water company of the year                              Abengo

Desalination company of the year                   Saline Water Conversion Corp.

Water project of the year                                 Lake Water Treatment Plant (WTP) phase 2

                                                                         expansion, Canada

Wastewater project of the year                        Agua Prietta Wastewater Treatment Plant

                                                                         (WWTP), Mexico

Desalination plant of the year                          Ras Al-Khair SWRO, Saudi Arabia

Water reuse project of the year                        Silicon Valley Advanced WTP, USA

Industrial water project of the year                 Jurong Industrial Water Reuse Pilot, Singapore

Water deal of the year                                      Mirfa IWPP financing

Water technology company of the year            MetaWater

Water performance initiative of the year         Adelaide Metropolitan Water Distribution

                                                                          Network, Australia

Water leaders award  To learn more about the Awards, please visit the Global Water Awards website


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